The Greaser

Matt Chojnacki aka “The Greaser” aka “Chono” and if our a fan of Instagram like we know you all are, “The Wax Head”, is one hell of a multileveled good guy... Fact. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen of fare share of people who stop at “the Temple” for a beer, coffee, lunch, game of stick, bit of a walk around and then off. And then there was Matt Chojnacki. He flew over with Elis and Noodles for a bit of those swells that were on the go, and bit of R&R. He showed up at “The Temple” with Salsa and the rest of the crew and basically took one look at what was going on at the playground in the paddies and said “Hell Yes” jumped the bar like one of “The Duke’s of Hazard” and wrangled us up some coffees that made are hair stand on end, even Salsas, now that’s impressive. In a time where styles change so quickly like fad diets, Matt chooses to immerse himself in times past, The 50’s-60’s era, Hot rods, pinup girls, punk rock, pompadours, pinstripes single fin Trackers and Long boards to be exact. He dabs a bit of Uppercut Deluxe grease though his hair each morning, gives a bit of a comb to his pencil thin stash, grabs his Wayfarer’s and hits the sand with board of choice underarm. He definitely brings his own shtick to the pool hall of life, and now days, that’s a good thing. In a time where your sponsor hat must be on your head, Matt throws his, threw his hair, Uppercut Deluxe, hence “The Wax Head”. When others are grabbing their Thrusters “Chono’s” grabbing his Tracker and adding a touch of class to every spot he surfs on and off the island. All and all it was a pleasure to hang, surf and get to know Matt Chojnacki and were quite sure it wont be the last, so if your ever up in the upper points of Aus and find your self in a through back situation, welcome to Matt’s world… We’ll see you at the drive in…