The Australia Diaries Chapter 2

We last left off on the couches in a comatose state of mind, at Doc’s house after the wedding crash, now its time to continue… “The Australian Diaries”. Phil Jaret who is the man behind The Noosa Surf Fest and has also been over to our part of the paddies over here at Deus Canggu. So for sure, he was one of the guys we wanted to catch up with, and him knowing that the Deus Crew would be around for the annual “Log Jam”, he asked Deus to get involved as much as we could be on such short notice… All we needed was a day, and a call to Sydney. The Deus van pulled up on the scene the next morning with Custom Bikes for the boys to ride, a Deus surf board to give away at the raffle, a box of “Bromo Shirts” and a few cases of ice cold beers for all to get down on… As quickly as that all came together, an impromptu 4 man Deus team formed out of a group of misfit surfers, our Local team rider, Matt Cuddihi, Deus Family member and Dusty Ringer, Thomas “Doc” Bexon, Californian, Jarred Mell(who by the way, always had a white carrot behind his ear ready for the crew to enjoy) and last but not least “The man with the Golden Pipes”, Monty. They all formed like Voltron for the team challenge. At this point it was all about the fun in the sun for us, beers in our hands and a wanting to be involved as much as we could. No need to compete, we just wanted to make it to our feet… Now to tip our cards a bit, we made it through on to the finals…