Off the back of the success of the award winning travel piece, South to Sian, Deus Ex Machina and Garage Entertainment present a new alluring Indonesian surf odyssey starring Harrison Roach, Zye Norris and friends. With over 300 hours of footage filmed during the making of South To Sian, the door was left wide open to produce another world class surf film. Featuring an epic lineup of previously unseen waves handpicked by Harrison Roach, from West Nusa Tengarra to Lagundri Bay covering 4,000km, Sian Sessions is a quest for adventure which will have you quitting your day job and booking a one way ticket to the land of bintangs and barrels. 2 best mates, 2 custom bikes, 1 beaten up Landrover, 23 surfboards, 29 locations, countless barrels, a 6 month roadtrip and another magic surf film. Harrison Roach and Zye Norris embark on a journey like no other across the Indonesian Archipelago. In search of good waves and good times, the travelling duo catch up with like minded characters along the way to enjoy the perfect waves and the dreamy conditions Indonesia has on offer. Head over to garage.com.au now to watch.