SHOP VISIT - Hateley's Place

When Lil' John Hateley was 19 years old he played Grandma Boone in a strawberry wine commercial. Here ya go, take a watch: That Academy-Award-Worthy granny wheelie started his career as a hollywood stunt double which helped support his chequered racing career. Now, umpteen years later, he's still got the funk. With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin, he was delighted to take the cover off the new Champion-framed Triumph 750 flattrack racer he's built for Julian Heppekausen, Deus America's slide-happy GM. Hateley also played a big part in prepping and tuning Terry Triumph, the 1966 T120 that Julian won the Mexican 1000 on, covering each mile of the route and passing every checkpoint back in 2016. Look out for the purple beast and JH517 on your local flat track in the 2018 season, and if you run into Lil' John at the MX, Flat, or any other kind of track, shake his hand for blazing the trail for motorcycle funtimes and forgive him for promoting bad wine!