Pizza Lorrd - Cafe Takeover

During the week, Emlyn Bilbie is a full-time uni student studying computer science while also working in the kitchen at Stanmore’s Brighter Coffee. But when that wasn’t enough to keep him occupied during lockdown, Bilbie decided to pick up a new hobby: pizza making.

During lockdown Emlyn bough a Gozney Roccbox (portable pizza oven) and began experimenting with doughs and ingredients, while trailing them on his housemates. One thing lead to another and the word on Biblie’s pizza’s got out to staff and customers at Brighter Coffee. The orders started flowing in and for good reason. These pizza’s are sensational.

The dough is made three days in advance and rolled out by hand, and the menu -  simple and pretty traditional, with five pizzas to choose from: margherita; diavola with spicy salami and stracciatella; potato and gorgonzola with confit garlic; shiitake mushroom with a creamy eschalot base; and marinara with confit garlic and stracciatella.

We were lucky enough to have Pizza Lorrd and his self proclaimed ‘hobbyist’ menu occupy the Deus Café on Friday night and what a success it was. The pre-ordered pizzas sold out well before the event and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Keep your taste buds ready and eyes pealed, we will defintely be looking to get the Pizza Lorrd back in town – and youre welcome to come by for a taste of the culinary buzz.

Check out the Pizza Lorrd Instagram here.  
Photos by – Kenyon Batterson.