Mr. Antonio Muñoz

Artist, Antonio Muñoz arrived to Bali in August. He brought with him but a few things…His brushes, his lovely wife, the children, sketchbooks, a few pairs of board shorts, a couple of external hard drives, an old projector, a digital camera and an electric toothbrush.Antonio draws his inspiration from this island, coming from both its people and its demons. Every other day he finds the time to surf and forget about things land based, quiet contemplation among the waves. Wayang Kulit (classic Balinese shadow puppets) are his lesson’s of choice, fascinated by their simple complexity and history. Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Antonio says he hardly remembers anything from the time past...something about Mirada de Vaca …although he is not sure. Ladies and gents I present you the work of Antonio Muñoz