Le Derny: a Cycleworks motor pace history

A trip can be made in a big variety of possibilities. A trip is also a journey to unknown lands, and these lands could also be the lands of our mind. We never thought and we never considered the possibility to create a Deus scooter. But we did it. We did it for a lot of reasons, first of all because in this way we made something that we could never achieve. Le Derny is a project born some months ago, moving from the idea to create something new to enjoy our passions in the best way possibile. Deus is a melting pot of passions and ideas, moving from motorcycling, to surf, lifestyle, cycling, skiing and apparel, and after some great motorbikes thought to enjoy riding and also the possibility to go surfing, now we were ready for something new, moved by our great passion for cycling. We wanted to enjoy some new build, and we wanted also to find the way to use also a real Deus bike during our cycling adventure: we perfectly knew what kind of object we were after, so we just started building it! Le Derny is basing on one of the most modern coolest scooters in the market - Peugeot Django - it's not a common Vespa or Lambretta, but is something very close to them in the spirit, and also with a very interesting history. Maybe not many people know it, but Peugeot made his first scooter in the 1953, creating a super nice bike with a real frame and a steel bodywork on it: the S55. And we started from this bike to make our Deus styled customization for the Django, starting from a 150cc version to get the right power, and building it with the usual standard that we use for all the Deus bikes. The result is now here and is perfectly represented by the incredibile pictures that our friends photographer Matteo Cavadini made for us, in photographic film with an old Leica camera. The give the final touch to this back to the future project.