Ellis X Deus

The latest trio of the 'Ellis X Deus' shapes have emerged from the dusty depths of the surfboard factory, and they definitely have a little 'throwback' look about 'em...
After his initial stint in the Temple, Ellis jetted off for a short hiatus to Sydney, before returning to the paddy fields for a little more time in paradise. When i asked him about the pin tailed boards he said...
"These boards are flat as a tack and fast as fuck...Through the bottom there is a Slight roll/hull entry into a V out the tail. This is another design from the transitional era, and my spin on late 60's tracker outlines... with a 12" fin box placed ten inches forward from the tail. These shooters are meant to be surfed through the center with the occasional cross step to adjust positioning through the curl. Some good surfing on similar style surfboards can be found on George Greenoughs film 'innermost limits of pure fun'."
When i inquired about the remaining yellow one he answer was of the 'short and sweet' variety...
"Ummm....Albie falzon, Morning of the Earth, MP, Diamond tails.....epic."
Cant argue with that I suppose...come by and slide a hand over 'em