Our last Eroica was epic. And every time we experience an event with such hard emotions, our mind starts immediately to think about a lot of...possibilities. Le Derny is a small dream that came true. In Gaiole we saw such a lovely old Vespas modified in order to carry wheels and parts for old road bikes to deliver racing road assistance, and all of them was absolutely stunning! But we wanted more, we wanted a motorbike that could carry directly a bicycle, and this is what we did in the last three months. And today we can say that our Deus Cycleworks department got finally an official Deus motorbike. To do it, we passed trough our friends of Peugeot Motorcycles Italia, that after some brainstorming gave us the possibility to work on the retro style scooter Django, that give us the perfect way to match old and new (as usual) styles, but also to go in a never explored before direction! Obviously the idea started to grow, and we decided to do some customized parts also on the donor bike: first, we stripped it naked and without lots of plastic parts the frameset show us a very small and interesting frame, and this gave us some the possibilities to create a new, simple and smooth shape without losing nothing from the original lines. To do it, we decide to build a very difficult and sexy aluminium handmade body work, something that will fits perfectly onto some of the original parts of the scooter, and also to made a completely new saddle rear frame to obtain two new seats with a dedicated rear frame. We also changed the handlebar and all the parts on it, to obtain a more motorbike looking cockpit, and we realize with our big partner SC Project a race replica exhaust. But one of the most important things, is the rear spare tyre that we put on the bike, after looking at some pictures of the first Peugeot scooter, the fantastic S57 from the fifties that also inspired the original Django project, and that gave us a lot of great ideas for the general style of our Derny. Particulars like the fixed front fender or the saddle divided in two pieces take also inspiration from it, and we enjoy a loto to mixed them with other special parts, more dedicated to the cycling training: the bicycle rack first, but also the rear roller, that is the last touch we made to obtain the perfect machine for cycling track sessions in derny racing, or for street Motor Pace training, that we were looking for. And now we are absolutely sure that the 2016 Deus Cycleworks season will be absolutely super exciting...